About me

Current projects

I am co-founder and president of Joopita Research, a non-profit organisation running several online platforms such as Morzino / oli.lu, Jamplifier.com and Galaxiki and developing the ONO SaaS software.

I'm employed by the Luxembourg Ministry Of Education and the CGIE (the ministry's IT management department) – I work as a teacher in Ehlerange, Luxembourg, and I'm also responsible for the development and the administration of oli.education.lu, the ministry's official K12 platform.

Some of my older work...

I played guitar for Pagan Lorn from 1994-1998, worked as freelance designer for Linster Studios in the mid to late 1990s, was also co-founder of Mensa Luxembourg in 1998, creator of the OLEFA CMS in 2000/2001, co-founder of EducDesign in 2002 and main developer of CorneliOS and CIOS from 2006 till 2015.

Further work and interests

You may want to check out my full biography for more detailed and timelined information. 

Some things that are important to me...

Political, social, cultural - concerns all of us!

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch - Amnesty vs. The Death Penalty, National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (USA). You may also take a look at Richard Stallman's personal page.

Save the planet

Greenpeace & United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - Club of Rome & The Limits to Growth.

No software patents, please!

No Software Patents, and some more links on lobbying and corruption in the EU: www.worstlobby.eu, www.corporateeurope.org, www.foeeurope.org, www.lobbycontrol.de.

Maybe you should use free software?

Find out more about free software on the Free Software Foundation website, download cool free software for all platforms from Sourceforge for example. From 2006 to 2015 I was running my own open source project called CorneliOS. Linux is a great free operating system. Cool free applications include Open Office, Gimp (graphics) and Scribus (layout).