Joopita Research

On June 21, 2010 we founded Joopita Research, a non-profit organisation focusing on the development of Open Source software and open Social Networks. 

Over 95% of the software we're producing is being released as Open Source software under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Most of our work is being published on a weekly basis on Sourceforge.net as part of the CorneliOS package. 

This means that almost all the software we're developing can be used for free and without any limitations by all people on this planet. 

All of my former software project are now managed by Joopita Research, including CorneliOS, CIOS and Galaxiki. Some great new projects have been released since the creation of Joopita Research, including Morzino / oli.lu. A number of projects will become ready within the next few years, such as our upcoming Jamplifier music platform for example. 

As we're a non-profit organisation we really appreciate donations which help us running our server network and updating our hardware from time to time. 

Visit us on: