I started working with Adobe Photoshop in 1994, followed by Quark XPress in 1995. Today I'm mostly using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign CC. I was able to learn a lot about graphics and design in the late 1990s while working as a freelance designer for Linster Studios. 


I created a large number of logos for software projects and artists/musicians. 

Cover Artwork

In the late 1990s I did about 50-100 CD, VHS and DVD covers for Linster Studios. I stopped counting at a certain point so I can't really remember the exact number. 

Since then I'm only doing this from time to time, which means generally not more than cover/artwork a year. I could do more, but I just ain't got the time... 


I also did a number of books and brochures during the late 1990s, which is a lot of work if there many design elements or images, therefore I won't do such projects anymore. 

On the other hand I will be working on some new large tutorials/manuals that one might consider as books.