Hobbies & Interests

Music, Movies & Art

I played guitar for Pagan Lorn from 1994 till 1998, ran my own home recording studio and created a 3D animated movie (Stag Wards) in the late 1990s. I was also quite lucky to contribute to a large number of albums and books when I worked as a freelance designer for Linster Studios (Luxembourg's largest professional recording studio) in the late 90s. 

Today I'm working on a new music project called The Bleeding Outlaw, on a music related software platform called Jamplifier and I'm also running a project studio again (a real one, I'm not talking about some home recording studio). 


I have been interested in technology since a child and my interest in computers started when I was still in elementary school (that was in the early 1980s, at the time the first home computers came up). I started writing my first software as a teenager (I must have been 15 years old), but really got into large scale development during the late 1990s. 

In 2000/2001 I created the OLEFA CMS, followed by CorneliOS in 2006 and CIOS in 2010. During the past few years I've been working on ONO, which is our software platform for the future.

I also launched some interesting platforms/websites, such as the award winning Galaxiki sci-fi community in 2007, the Morzino / oli.lu education platform in 2011 and the Jamplifier music platform in 2016.

I'm also heavily interested in agile development methods as well as in marketing strategies.

Learning & Education

My interests always included education, differentiation, learning processes & intelligence as well as e-learning, artificial intelligence and simulations.

I have worked as a teacher in Luxembourg from 1998 till 2002 and from 2008 till today. In 2002 I co-founded a company focusing on the education market, and held the position of CTO (Chief Technology Officer) there from 2002 till 2008. 

In 2000 I created the OLEFA CMS, followed by the OLEFA Education Manifest and the related Wiki tools and library management systems in 2001. OLEFA became the most popular educational software in Luxembourg in the 2000s. In 2011 I launched Morzino / oli.lu, which can be seen as a successor to OLEFA. It has become very successful in Luxembourg since then, and it looks like it's now surpassing OLEFA in terms of popularity.

Science & Philosophy

I have been interested in quantum physics, astrophysics and cosmology since I was a child. I have also been developing some arguments and theories related to physics and philosophy since the 1990s, but never found the time to publish much of this work. Some of those ideas had been published in MENSA Luxembourg's Phenomensal journal in the 2000s. Further interests include systems theory and Nick Bolstrom's simulation argument for example.

Unsolved mysteries got my attention since I was a child. Today it's mostly quantum gravity, the simulation argument and the Fermi paradox that keep making me mad. I also tried to solve the Zodiak cipher using software for example, and I hope I will find the time to continue reading James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake one day.