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Software updates...

3. november 2009

After the announcement of the new CorneliOS software strategy we've made some serious progress, so I'm glad to reveal some details now...

Yesterday we've released the CorneliOS WebOS 0.9.11, which finally adds support for multiple languages in the CMS. This was one of the last popular OLEFA features that was not yet available for CorneliOS, and we're really happy that the CorneliOS implementation is even better than expected.

The next big challenge will be the full implementation of the CorneliOS VFS (Virtual File System) specifications, which includes the DAC (Dynamic Access Control) permission model as well as built-in backup features.

We're now also working on dedicated websites for CorneliOS developers and end users, although these will only be released in 2010.

A first CorneliOS website for the Unversity of Luxembourg has just been completed - mondiab.com is a website for people suffering from diabetes. 

A new OLMO CMS developer preview will probably become available next week, it shall include a Content Management System offering some basic features. It may even include a first release of the OLMO client utility.

This week we're also installing our new application server, which will run a new CRM/SRM & project management software that's more or less a successor of the original OLEFA EiS (Enterprise Intelligence System). It's a CIOS project making heavy use of the CorneliOS SQL application libraries.

This software will (of course) also become available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), although I can't tell when it will be ready for a first release.