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CorneliOS with HTML5 and CSS3 support

28. february 2010

Next week we'll release CorneliOS 0.3.10 which will include completely new render engines supporting both HTML5 and CSS3 features. All libraries have been updated to match the preliminary HTML5 specs so that most CorneliOS and CIOS websites will now generate valid HTML5 code. We made sure to only use features that are currently supported by all major browsers including IE7/8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. Only very few UI features are currently not supported by Internet Explorer and Opera, although this doesn't affect any functionality.

We're really satisfied with the reliability of the new engines and most of our websites already make use of them and render their code as HTML5. We expect that all of our websites will be using the new engines by the end of March.

We've also added some really important new technologies to our pipeline, we hope most of those new ideas will make it to the market in 2010. There will be a new community front end that will rely on a new database layer - this thing should be ready within the next two months or so and we're really pushing this as we'd like to use it on multiple sites. We've also worked on some new search engine technologies during the past few years, and we think we can finally turn this into a working product this year.

Most of these core technologies will of course be released as part of CorneliOS and CIOS and will thus become available for free under the GNU General Public License (GPL).