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CorneliOS/CIOS strategy update

8. june 2010

The good news first: CorneliOS development is still on schedule and we're quite confident that the first release targeted at end users (CorneliOS 1.0) will become available as originally expected in January 2011. 

The bad news is that some core technology prototypes have been delayed and will not yet be available with the upcoming CorneliOS Beta 1 in July, this includes the DAC (Dynamic Access Control) layer as well as fully implemented user and database management applications. These features will only ship later this year, probably as part of CorneliOS Beta 2.

These delays are partly due to the fact that we invested much more time than initially expected in other new technologies. These new technologies include CIOS (the CorneliOS I/O System) as well as the CMS for musicians that has been greatly improved within the past few weeks.

CIOS has become more and more important during the past few months and we think that CIOS will indeed become the primary core technology used in most of our upcoming software projects. CIOS itself makes heavy use of the CorneliOS core system and is technically part of the CorneliOS software distribution.

This evolution will probably also influence the future of both CorneliOS and CIOS - CorneliOS could turn into an interesting research project while CIOS will probably become the invisible core behind many end user solutions...