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Galaxiki 2.0 Public BETA

18. october 2010

Today we've launched the Galaxiki 2.0 Public BETA - most of the new features are now available, those still missing will go live within the next few days and weeks. The final Galaxiki 2.0 release is scheduled for mid November.

We started working on the new site version about a year ago, it was really a lot of work to make this update happen but now we're more than happy with the result - we think that this piece of technology gets us up to a completely new level!

The good part is that most of the new core features are based on CorneliOS/CIOS, which means that we'll be able to easily reuse them for other projects... But that's not the point here, we hope you'll find the time to check out the new site and we really hope you like it!

Check out the info page on Galaxiki:


More info is also available on the Joopita Research website: