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Working on some new ideas...

1. december 2010

Ten years after I came up with the original concept that lead to the development of OLEFA (which is now the most successful education platform in Luxembourg) I'm now planning to create some new ideas for the education market.

So today I'd like to reveal some first details. Let's start with some differences between OLEFA and my new project:

- unlike OLEFA it will NOT be a Content Management System for schools

- unlike OLEFA it will NOT be designed for the education market in Luxembourg

- unlike OLEFA it will NOT myschool!, Technolink or any other platform in Luxembourg

- unlike OLEFA it will be FREE and nobody will have to pay for it

So what will it be?

- it will be a set of solutions and ideas for the global education market

- it will be partly implemented as software, and all elements will be free software released under the GPL

What will it be about? Well, for now I'm focusing on the following aspects:

- content copyrights, licenses and all legal implications in educational environments

- learning process optimization (inspired by some business solutions)

- sharing documents and information

- the promotion of free software and free educational resources

This may not sound very interesting for the moment, but I think this could become a really cool project. I'm now beta testing some prototype stuff and I hope this thing will become available in 2011...