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Joopita IBS alpha prototype has been released

8. december 2010

Today we proudly announce the immediate availability of the Joopita IBS (Integrated Business Suite). The Joopita IBS is a suite of tools for businesses, organisations and institutions. It improves your internal communications and allows to manage contacts, todo lists, calendars and more. 

The Joopita IBS is Free Software, released under the GPL. You may download it for free, use it at will, take a look at its source code or modify it. 

It is a completely new software product, based on our proven CorneliOS and CIOS technology. It is still a prototype and shall not be used in production environments. Greatly improved updates will become available in 2011. 

The Joopita IBS can be used on all platforms and with all modern web browsers. Linux or MacOS X are required on the server side. Check our dedicated page about the IBS for more information about the software: