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First experiences with an iPad

15. december 2010

This is the first blog post I'm writing on an iPad, I'm quite sure this will take me longer than expected. Probably i'll get used to it, but it sure will take some time.

First of all: the iPad is not a workstation. It will not replace your desktop computer, your laptop of even your netbook. It's a gadget that allows to consume stuff, but it's definately not a production tool. At least not yet, or at least not to me.

Surfin the internet on the iPad is great, websites look better than on any desktop or laptop, it's fun to read news, Wikipedia articles, or to hang around on Social Network sites. Clicking links works fine, even if they're small. The multitouch software is really gerat and has nothing to do with the old Newton stuff.

Writing text on the software keyboard works better than expected, and i'll probably improve with time. Switching from letters to numbers and to special characters can be a bit painful. And I'm definately missing the arrow keys to move around in a text box. Pointing at words or characters on the screen using your finger is slower than using a good keyboard or a mouse. I certainly won't write a book an the iPad, at least not until I'll get much faster at typing. Maybe I should get the optional hardware keyboard.

The international support doesn't always work correctly. I switched the keyboard and the iOS languages a few times and now some apps (like the App Store for example) show a mix of english and german language. The spellchecker still replaces english words with german in some cases, which is very annoying. Hope Apple will fix this soon.

The iPad is a wonderful gaming machine, and I think it could even become a major threat to the old school game console companies such as Sony or Nintendo. Its also a really cool social networking device, the software keyboard is perfect for writing short messages on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. And it would be a great device for education, although it's probably too expensive and fragile.

There are apps for almost everything, I installed a Terminal for example so that I can check and manage my servers via SSH. With iPhone and iPad you're now able to fix server issues whereever you are, as long as you have a wifi or mobile signal. Unfortunately you can't develop and web server software as you don't have direct access to Apache or other core technologies.

So does anybody really need an iPad? I don't think so. But its a nice tool, it's fun and if you just want to read or browse the web then it's absolutely wonderful.