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A fifth force of nature detected at Fermilab?

10. april 2011

Yesterday, Fermilab announced that scientists at the Tevatron particle accelerator discovered an anomaly that could hint at a completely new particle, as well as at a fifth force in the universe. This could be really big news as there haven't been many exciting new discoveries in particle physics during the past two decades. The four currently known forces are gravity, electromagnetism as well as the strong and the weak nuclear forces.

This discovery - if it can be confirmed by scientists using data from other accelerators - could lead to completely new theories, change the entire world of physics and finally get us a lot closer to a "theory of everything" after decades lacking any real progress.

The new discovery seems to point at a theory called "Technicolor" (not to be confused with the motion picture process), which is a theory derived from Quantum chromodynamics about 20 years ago. Technicolor could explain particle masses without the need of a "Higgs Boson" (the so-called "God particle" they're looking for at the CERN/LHC in Geneva, Switzerland).

Personally I really hope this is something big, leading to new physics, as I never liked the Higgs Boson concept and the related theory as they require a lot of predefined and unexplainable values. So let's hope it's not just a statistical fluke or a simple mistake. We'll probably know within a few months, as many scientists will now start looking at collected data all over the world.

Unfortunately Tevatron is scheduled to be shut down in september as the US government cut down budgets during the past few years, so scientists will have to continue their search for new Technicolor particles at the LHC or other accelerators.

News can be found on CNN and Escapist Magazine, check out Wikipedia for some info about Technicolor.