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Joopita Web Directory Shutdown

15. april 2011

In early April 2011 we've decided to terminate the Joopita Web Directory project. Joopita.com was our first web directory project, launched back in October 2007 as one of the first CorneliOS powered sites. 

It has been online for three and a half years and it was a very successful project for us, with more than 30,000 users submitting about 50,000 websites. It was even ranked among the top 50,000 websites worldwide and among the top 5,000 sites in India on Alexa in 2009.

So why do we end this project if it's been so successful?

Well, we think the days of web directories are over. The Joopita Web Directory had it's time, but now it has become more or less obsolete, just as much as most other web directories too. After the latest Google software updates traffic dropped considerably and most search engines even start to completely exclude smaller web directories from their top results. We don't want to invest time in technology that has no real future.

But we've learned a lot from this project, and the core technology won't be lost. We will also continue to invest time in search and directory technology, but this will probably end up in completely new projects.

Joopita.com has been offline since April 3. The shutdown also means that sister projects on Galaxiki and Morzinowill be closed too.

We'd like to thank all of those who supported the directory, linked to it and submitted websites to it during the past few years.

R.I.P Joopita Web Directory...