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Morzino BETA Preview release available now

1. may 2011

We've just released the Morzino BETA Preview, which means that the site is now ready to be tested. Morzino is a free and open eLearning community for students, parents and teachers. 

Some features have not been implemented yet, but they will follow soon. We hope that the final version of the site will become available during the second half of 2011.

Morzino is based on the CIOS framework, which is part of the CorneliOS web OS. Morzino uses the same technology as the popular Galaxiki site at its core.

Morzino is currently available in english, although some of the content has also been translated to german, french and luxembourgish already. Futher languages shall follow soon. morzino.de is the localized version for the german speaking market while oli.lu is a dedicated release for the luxembourgish eduction market.

More than 95% of the Morzino code is available as free software under the GPL as it's part of CorneliOS and CIOS, you may download it now from the CorneliOS website.