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CIOS Community Layer 2.0

14. june 2011

Today we've released CorneliOS 1.6r14 which includes the fully implemented CIOS Community Layer 2.0. The latest version includes many new features such as user statuses, user awards and bookmarks for example. It also includes lots of fine-tuning of the features that have already been available since late 2010 with the initial release of the framework.

The CCL 2.0 will be used as social networking backbone in all of our most important projects such as GalaxikiMorzino/oli.lu and the Joopita IBS.

We've now also updating the CorneliOS website to reflect the latest changes to our software philosophy and the global trends in web technology.

During the next few weeks we'll focus on project "Largo", also known as the CorneliOS Web Publisher, which will also be used in several online projects. Stay tuned...