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Morzino BETA 5

1. september 2011

We've just launched Morzino BETA 5, which will be the last test version before the official release in October 2011. This version will be mostly about adding some last missing features, fixing bugs and filling in some more content.

Preview 4 introduced the first releases of the new Library Manager and the new Wiki Manager, as well as a (nearly) final version of the new Virtual Class API. Last week we started testing the new CorneliOS Web Publisher, which now also includes the new Wiki Manager. CorneliOS already offered built-in wiki tools, inspired by MediaWiki and used by Galaxiki and the Joopita IBS for example.

The new Web Publisher however uses a triple-layer design featuring projects, pages and objects/paragraphs. It offers an "orthogonal" design which means that projects, pages and objects share the same basic feature set, making it very easy to develop reusable management tools. There is a common API responsible for the management of all objects while "viewer extensions" are responsible for displaying the content. Using these extensions we'll be able to create all kinds of wiki based apps in future.

Most of the core stuff is already working fine, but some features are still missing although we're sure they'll follow soon. Missing parts include custom ACL entries, moving objects between projects or fully implemented backups for example.

The new Web Publisher will be used on morzino.com and oli.lu, but it probably also make it to several other projects including the Joopita IBS and the Jamplifier CMS. For the moment we don't plan to use it on Galaxiki however.

Demos will follow soon, stay tuned...