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oli.lu BETA 1.0 has been released

15. november 2011

Today we've released the first public beta of the www.oli.lu, an e-learning website that you can use to learn, practice, share, communicate and collaborate. oli.lu is the localized version for Luxembourg, while the international site is called morzino.com.

We're now looking for beta testers from all over the world, and the next step will be to fix some of the remaining problems and bugs. Some features didn't make it to this release, including the advanced wiki APIs and the new PDF API. These modules will probably become available with BETA 1.5 in March or April 2012.

The current release also features our latest load balancing technology (we call it the "load limiter"), which will become available as free software very soon (along with the next CorneliOS/CIOS update).

Next week we'll also start work on the new code for Galaxiki 3.0, which shall become available in early 2012.