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CorneliOS 2.4 will become available today

3. april 2012

We've completed work on CorneliOS 2.4 which will become available under the GPL this evening. The update focuses on CIOS APIs and GUIs, but there are also some new CorneliOS API features and enhancements.

Today we've finished work on the new CorneliOS/CIOS virclass setup wizard which will be part of the package. I think this will help people to set up things more easily and it will allow to use all related apps without having to set up anything special. The package also includes the new work schedule editor which will also help to better understand how to set up or modify those schedules.

There's still some work to do, we're still working on one new major feature that will probably be ready within the next few weeks. As soon as this element has been completed we'll be ready to launch Morzino as BETA 1.5, so I hope this can be done this month.

Stay tuned…