I ran my own blog from November 2006 till October 2014. All posts are still online, but I don't have time to update it anymore. Please note that all images and media files have been removed when the backup was moved to a new host in early 2016. Enjoy!

Introducing Trident (2013-2015)

7. january 2013

Today I'd like to announce that we're now moving on to the third generation of the Joopita Agile Framework, which describes the way we conceive, develop, maintain and market our projects.

The first two generations of the Joopita Agile Framework have both been great successes. The first generation(G1 "Unicorn", 2007-2009) lead to the development of CorneliOS, Galaxiki, the Jamplifier CMS and our recording studio. Using the second generation framework (G2 "Duality", 2010-2012) we developed and promoted the CIOS framework, Galaxiki 2.x and Morzino/oli.lu.

The new Joopita Agile Framework (G3 "Trident") will allow us to progress even faster within the next three years. Trident will affect all of our technologies, all of our projects and of course the way we work and develop things.

During the past few years we were mostly doing software development. This will change a lot with Trident, as there will now be three major domains we'll focus on: 1) research & development (software & platforms), 2) media(audio, video and print) and 3) the promotion of our projects. This means that we will spend less time on software development, but on the other hand our new development techniques will make sure that the output will remain the same and code quality will even be increased, reducing development and maintenance costs.

Trident will lead to a big change for the CorneliOS/CIOS framework. CorneliOS started as a CMS/API under G1 "Unicorn", while G2 "Duality" turned the software into a platform by adding the CIOS framework which was build on top of CorneliOS (asymmetric design). Trident will allow CorneliOS to connect to the CIOS API (symmetric design) and it will also add a new, third API that will add some "missing features". I cannot yet talk about the third API, as this is a top secret project.

Within the upcoming three years we'll also release a number of new software projects and community platforms. In January the Project5 website will be officially launched, this is the first CIOS based platform we developed for another non-profit organization. We will release at least one more new platform this year, and our goal is to develop one or two new major projects a year in future.

The final version of the Morzino/oli.lu project will follow in H2/2013, which will also include a standalone Open Source version of the software as well as one more major feature. We'll offer some more free content and we also plan to start promoting all of this on an international scale. The long awaited Galaxiki 3.0 will also finally become available this year.

As mentioned above we'll focus a lot more on media from now on. We have several projects that may become ready for release within the next months, but I can't reveal any details yet. These projects all require lots of time and resources and this makes it difficult to tell when they'll be ready. I can already confirm that we'll do at least one new music related project in 2013, although you'll have to wait till 2014 for the "big" things to come.