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CorneliOS/CIOS 3 now available

8. january 2013

Today we've released CorneliOS 3, including the latest CIOS framework updates.

CorneliOS/CIOS will remain our core technology for the next few years, and we've now reached a level where we can easily use it to create new platforms and projects within very little time. There will be a lot of CIOS fine-tuning this year, and some further custom APIs shall be added to the core framework.

CorneliOS 3 is the most important update ever. CorneliOS will remain an experimental technology, although the new version will be cleaned up and will be much better suited for end users. Until today CIOS fully relied on CorneliOS while CorneliOS itself remained a standalone product - this will change with CorneliOS 3, as some original CorneliOS features will be "virtualized" by using more advanced CIOS features, making the entire software even faster and easier to maintain.

At the same time we'll use the same technology to create a third API/Framework. I won't reveal any further information about this project yet, but I can already say that we've got some test code and this will help us to implement some of the "missing" stuff we'll need for future projects. I'm sure people will be quite surprised when we release this thing...