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C'mon Apple...

4. march 2013

I've been an Apple user since 1994, that's almost 20 years now. I started with System 7.1.2 on a PowerMac, using Photoshop and Illustrator. In 1998 I started using Logic (an Emagic product back then), and I also got Final Cut as soon as it came out. The Mac got better with each OS update (okay, I didn't like OS9 that much...) and with MacOS X I was finally able to even move my entire software development to the Mac platform (while Linux still remained the primary target platform).

OSX, Logic and Final Cut got better with each release, and along with the Adobe Creative Suite they turned the Mac into an awesome production tool for pros for about 10 years. With each update I was able to increase productivity and I was quite happy about that.

But now it looks all this is going to change. OSX Lion was the worst Apple OS update I've seen so far. Lion was horrible, Mountain Lion may be a bit better but it's still far from being okay. All of this may be cool for kids, maybe it's even okay for pro-sumers, but it's a terrible downgrade for all pro users. I still use Snow Leopard on all of my production computers, and I think it's an awesome OS. I hope I won't have to get any new hardware in the near future as just don't want to work on this Lion thing.

OSX (Mountain) Lion is terrible if you're working with professional audio, video or graphics software. It sucks. It's even unusable if you're just moving around files. Everything's just slower than it has ever been before. Snow Leopard on my Macbook Pro allows me to do things faster than Mountain Lion does on our Mac Pro. That's just weird.

But the problem doesn't end there. Will I get the latest Final Cut update? Maybe, if I ignore all of the negative reviews. What about Logic? Anything? Okay, Tim Cook said there will be a new version soon, but I'm not sure what it will be like. I have one major Logic project that will be completed next year, and now I'm thinking about moving to ProTools afterwards. So it looks like I'll abandon Logic after having been a loyal customer for about 15 years...

To me it looks like Apple doesn't care about the pro Mac users anymore. iOS kiddies may be cooler, and Apple now earns most of its money with them. But I think that's a big mistake, as Android becomes stronger and the iOS hype won't last forever. It was the pro community that allowed Apple to survive during the hard times in the late 1990s, and maybe Apple will have to reply on the pro community once again in some not so distant future.

So please Apple, please change direction now!