I ran my own blog from November 2006 till October 2014. All posts are still online, but I don't have time to update it anymore. Please note that all images and media files have been removed when the backup was moved to a new host in early 2016. Enjoy!

My last blog post...

12. october 2014

It's been almost a year since I last posted in my blog and I think it's time to close it now. It's been quite successful and I'm really happy with many articles I wrote, especially the tech related ones. But now that I only have very little time to update it I decided that's it's better to terminate it now than to let it slowly die. All posts will remain online, but I will probably remove it from the front page.

This does of course not mean that I’m no longer working on new stuff, in fact it’s quite the opposite - there’s so much work now that I no longer find the time to write anything here.

Unfortunately some of our projects have been delayed - I hoped new stuff would go online this year, but we didn’t make it. Not that we didn’t put enough energy into them, but we decided to work a lot more on some details than we previously intended to, and it looks like these projects will become way better than I previously thought. Of course I hope we can roll this stuff out next year, we’ll see.

You may have noticed that public CorneliOS updates are rolled out less often now (we did this on a weekly basis a few years ago), but this does not mean that we’re no longer investing as much energy into it. Again, it’s quite the opposite, we now even have new builds on a daily basis and we update the server software almost every day. We only reduced the number of public releases as the entire software is quite stable now.

Oli.lu / Morzino is performing greatly, 2014 has been our best year so far and it looks like 2015 will even get much better. Expect some big news and some nice new features within the next few months. Be patient, it will be worth be wait.

Next year we’ll also finally release some music related stuff. We won’t talk about this yet, but I’m now working on these things on a regular basis and I think we have some awesome stuff in the pipeline.

This said, it’s time to say goodbye to my blog now. In future I will write a bit more on Twitter, Facebook and Morzino, so make sure to follow or add me there. Again - be patient, it will take some time until I’ll have something really important to announce.

Bye for now!