I ran my own blog from November 2006 till October 2014. All posts are still online, but I don't have time to update it anymore. Please note that all images and media files have been removed when the backup was moved to a new host in early 2016. Enjoy!

Transforming our home office

30. july 2007

After months of total chaos it was about time to clean up our home office, especially as we now need a place where new projects such as Galaxiki and CorneliOS can be managed from. So we spent some time at IKEA on Saturday, and we finally opted fill out one entire wall of the room with a large storage cabinet. It took the rest of the day to finish building up it's corpus, but then we still found some time to go to the cinema and watch the new Transformers movie (which is just awesome by the way). We finished everything on Sunday and now our little home office looks a lot better and it's finally ready for new stuff.

As I was talking about movies: last week I also checked out the Simpsons movie which was also cool, but it isn't as good as many of the greatest classic episodes (okay, would be hard to top those), as well as Die Hard 4.0 (aka Live Free or Die Hard) which was okay, but it didn't feel as original when compared to the previous three ones and everything computer and hacking related was just horribly wrong. So if you only have time to watch one single movie then I'd definately recommend Transformers.