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EducDesign goes Agile, VirtuaLib service has been launched

31. july 2007

After having applied Agile Development to almost all of my projects, OLEFA has been the last one following a rather traditional development philosophy for a long time. This has been changed now - OLEFA will be completely moved to agile development and marketing strategies within the next few weeks, which is really good news for both EducDesign and all of it's customers. Expect updates announcing the change on both www.olefa.com and www.olefaschool.org within the next few days.

This may also be a good opportunity to announce VirtuaLib, a webservice offering OLEFA based library management tools for schools and private persons, using a quite different philosophy compared to LibraryThing for example. The service is already available now (see www.virtualib.com) and shall be officially launched within the next few days. By the way, this is the first OLEFA based webservice by EducDesign, expect a lot of new and cool stuff in future now that we're running on an agile basis.

CorneliOS has also been updated today, I released a transitional update as CorneliOS will be transformed to a more service based platform now too. Galaxiki was updated as I had to fix a serious bug that could kill password hashes (ouch!), and a newsletter will be sent out tonight... Finally I have to apologize for some technical problems on both www.cornelios.org and www.galaxiki.org, caused by a virtual file system that went nuts over night, this has been fixed early in the morning...