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Do you know example.com?

13. december 2007

You surely have already seen it in online documentations and installation guidelines: example.com is probably one of the most often mentioned sites on the web. The company who owns that domain should make millions with ads alone. But have you ever tried to enter this domain in your web browser? 

Well, example.com does really exists, but it isn't owned by a company. Just as example.net and example.org, it has been officially reserved for use in documentations, as described in RFC 2606, Section 3. The domains belong to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and are not available for registration and they will never expire.

The IANA is the entity that oversees global IP address allocation, DNS root zone management, and other Internet protocol assignments. It is operated by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which is itself a California non-profit corporation.

The fact that these domains are reserved makes sure that documentation writers can be sure to pick a domain that won’t inconvenience anyone if end-users try to use the sample configurations or examples as-is. The domains are redirected to IP which currently displays the following message:

You have reached this web page by typing "example.com", "example.net", or "example.org" into your web browser. These domain names are reserved for use in documentation and are not available for registration. See RFC 2606, Section 3.