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11. april 2008

We just launched the www.OLEFAschool.org community platform where you can publish your own courses or attend to other people's courses. The basic idea is quite simple: Users can publish all kinds of courses using a simple wiki-like web interface, other users can then attend to these courses via internet.

Membership is free, you only have to pay if you'd like to attend or publish commercial courses. We expect most courses to become available for free, although this will, of course, depend on what the users will do.

You will also be able to publish commercial courses (users will have to pay to attend your courses then), which means that you can even earn money by publishing your stuff here... For the moment you can't publish commercial courses yet, although this feature shall follow within the next few weeks.

There will also be a premium membership which will be required to publish commercial courses, you will be able to upgrade to a premium account by paying a small unique free (pay once, use forever) which I think is quite fair. And we'll also offer free premium accounts to all teachers, students and parents of current and future schools using OLEFA software.

Check out the OLEFAschool website here: