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Did You Ever Hear Of A ZISC Processor?

24. april 2008

I accidentaly found this information on Wikipedia today and I must admit that I never heard of ZISC before.

ZISC stands for Zero Instruction Set Computer (just as RISC stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computer and CISC for Complex Instruction Set Computer). A ZISC processor doesn't use any instructions at all, it purely relies on pattern matching.

The concept was invented by Guy Paillet and is based on ideas from artificial neural networks and massively hardwired parallel processing. The first ZISC processor was the IBM ZISC36 containing 36 independent cells that can be thought of as neurons or parallel processors. Each of these can compare an input vector of up to 64 bytes with a similar vector stored in the cell's memory. If the pattern matches the number of the matched cell will be returned.