I ran my own blog from November 2006 till October 2014. All posts are still online, but I don't have time to update it anymore. Please note that all images and media files have been removed when the backup was moved to a new host in early 2016. Enjoy!

Leaving EducDesign

10. july 2008

A few days ago I wrote about changes, so today I'd like to announce that I will be leaving the EducDesign company in August 2008 to pursue other interests, which also means that I will no longer be involved in the development of the OLEFA software. In mid September I will start working as a teacher in the community of Sanem (Luxembourg, Europe).

These changes do not affect any of the Open Source software projects I'm involved in - there may have been fewer updates during the past few weeks as I had lots of things to do, but everything should normalize within short time. In fact I may even have more time to focus on these in the future.

Further information will become available soon, so make sure to check back from time to time...