I ran my own blog from November 2006 till October 2014. All posts are still online, but I don't have time to update it anymore. Please note that all images and media files have been removed when the backup was moved to a new host in early 2016. Enjoy!

Dexia online banking security alert

26. january 2007

I detected something on the Dexia website I would call a "massive security flaw", so I wrote them a mail and they fixed it. No thank you, only a bullshit statement after I contacted them once more... If you're a Dexia customer I recommend that you instantly remove all browser cache files from your computer (and from all computers you ever used to log into their website) if you don't want anybody to get your password within a few seconds...

Oh yeah, almost forgot: on Friday we wrote a letter to the Hifi International administration as their support service was not able to repair our tv remote for about 7 weeks, plus a copy to the ULC - now guess what - on Monday I got a phone call that it had been repaired (for free) and that it was now ready. The support guys were a bit pissed when I got there, but at least we once again have a working remote.