I ran my own blog from November 2006 till October 2014. All posts are still online, but I don't have time to update it anymore. Please note that all images and media files have been removed when the backup was moved to a new host in early 2016. Enjoy!

I'm back

1. september 2009

Exactly one year ago I left my former company EducDesign, and people keep asking me what I'm working on for the moment. It has been rather quiet during the past few months. No major news were posted on my website. 

Well, I had to reorganize a lot of things, which took a lot of time after all. Creating cool products not only requires time, but also an adequate infrastructure, hardware, software, technologies, strategies and much more.

The good news is that most of these technical goals have now been achieved, and new stuff will be releasedvery soon. There will be new software projects and platforms, based on the CorneliOS application framework. And there will also be projects that will not be software related at all.

So stay tuned and expect more news within the next few weeks...