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New strategy will make CorneliOS more attractive for end users.

7. september 2009

CorneliOS is an Open Source WebOS and application framework project I started back in 2006. During the past few years I've used CorneliOS as Content Management System (CMS) for my websites and it served as a viable application framework for my community platform projects.

Unfortunately CorneliOS has never been a successful mass market product - the user interface is probably too technical and GUI tools for many of its core technologies are still missing. For a long time it has not been clear if CorneliOS should remain a pure developer framework or if it should also become a consumer oriented project.

Today I'm glad to announce that a new strategy has been developed to turn CorneliOS into an attractive end user product. But it's not only planned to complete CorneliOS and to make it more user friendly - there will also be an alternative GUI project especially targeted at consumers and non-professional users. This new GUI will be completely based on CorneliOS although it will look and feel like a standalone software.

A new development strategy has been set up to achieve the new goals:

The current CorneliOS 0.9.9 release has now been entitled Developer Preview ONE (DP1). The main goal of DP1 will be to fully implement the most important core technologies, including the CorneliOS VFS (Virtual File System) and DAC (Dynamic Access Control), to integrate them with the system kernel and IO layer, and finally to make those features available to all users via usable tools, mainly the CorneliOS file manager. Developer Preview TWO (DP2) shall follow in early 2010, the main goal will be to finish further core features as well as all required system management tools.

In Q2 2010 a first consumer BETA shall be released, which should be considered to be a pure preview for end users. BETA 2 shall finally be the first version meant to be used on end user production systems, this is planned for mid 2010. A third BETA shall follow in late 2010, focusing on the GUI and feature finetuning.

The final product shall be launched as CorneliOS 1.0 in early 2011.

Check out the official CorneliOS project website for more information. CorneliOS Developer Preview ONE (DP1), release 0.9.9, can be downloaded for free as Open Source software from sourceforge.net.