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Introducing OLMO

8. september 2009

Today we're announcing a new Open Source software project called "OLMO". OLMO is an alternative GUI layer for the CorneliOS WebOS, it is targeted at consumers and shall make it easier to use the most important CorneliOS features in future.

A dedicated website for the project has been set up (olmo.cornelios.org) and first elements of the OLMO API have been released as Open Source software under the GPL (GNU Public License) today. 

The current release cannot yet be used or tested, the files have only been included as a demo for developers. Upcoming releases shall include a complete running system.

The OLMO API files can be downloaded from sourceforge.net. OLMO requires CorneliOS 0.9.8 or better, previous releases are not supported. CorneliOS 0.9.9 is strongly recommended.