ONO is a new software project, based on CorneliOS/CIOS but also featuring a dedicated API. ONO can be considered as a direct successor to OLEFA if you want. 

Please note that we're not actively promoting our software products, we only see them as tools to create great platforms. All software projects are published under the GPL though, which means that you may download and use them if you like. 


I started the CorneliOS project back in 2006 as I became more and more frustrated with the evolution of the OLEFA CMS distributed by EducDesign. From a technological point of view OLEFA had become a mess, and I could not be used as an API for new technologies I had in mind. 

CorneliOS evolved quickly and the code was much easier to maintain thanks to new development methods that had been refused by EducDesign. In 2007 I was quite sure that CorneliOS based technologies would soon surpass OLEFA, which assured me to use it as a CMS for new websites and as core for my upcoming Galaxiki platform. 

Since then CorneliOS has greatly evolved, and today it's still at the heart of all of our projects. Please note that CorneliOS is considered as an experimental framework, it's not intended to be an end user product. 


In 2010 we completed work on CIOS, which is an API running on top of CorneliOS. CIOS was used to create Galaxiki 2.0, it's an API that easily allows to create complex social sites. CIOS allowed us to create Morzino / oli.lu and it's also the API we've used to create the Jamplifier platform.


OLEFA is a CMS I developed in 2000, followed by an educational concept and related modules (wiki, library management, ...) in 2001. It has been licensed to local companies Ka Communications (2001) and EducDesign (2002).