I was always interested in art and I was somewhat talented when it came to drawing and painting in high school. Unfortunately I was never good enough to pursue this professionally, so it only remains a hobby that can be helpful sometimes. 


I did a lot of photos (mostly black and white) during the late 1990s, including shots of artists and musicians. Today I'm only doing photos for private use, and I always rely on professional photographers when needed... 

Drawing & Painting

I've been drawing since I was a teenager, mostly in school when courses were boring. I still like drawing today, even if I only do it as a hobby. 

Drawing is still very important to me though when it comes to work on logo or interface designs, as I always prefer to prepare stuff on paper before going over to Illustrator or photoshop. 

During the late 1990s I also did oil paintings, inspired by some of the artists I worked with. Unfortunately I didn't have time to continue this hobby later on.