Galaxiki is a virtual galaxy with stars, planets and moons. You can navigate through the galaxy and as a community member you can name and edit all objects, which means that you can write your own science fiction stories. You can name a star, edit planetary physics and invent alien life forms. 

I developed the concept in early 2006, as a mixture of a science fiction wiki, Google maps-like browsing and community site for those who like science fiction, astronomy or cosmology. Prototypes became ready within 2006, the site went online in March 2007 for testing purposes. 

It was officially launched on July 1st 2007. It was "website of the week" in Linux Journal USA and "website of the day" on Yahoo, About.com, Pocketlint and Red Orbit. In 2008 we were one of the winners of the Web 2.0 awards, Galaxiki was 2nd in the "games and entertainment" category. 

Over 5000 users signed up from 2007 till 2010, editing thousands of stars, planets and moons. 

Galaxiki 2.0
In mid 2010 Galaxiki was completely moved to the CIOS framework platform, in late 2010 Galaxiki 2.0 featuring the CIOS community layer was launched, featuring a large number of Social Networking features.