ONO is an API that can be considered to be a successor to OLEFA, the OLMO CMS and the Joopita IBS, which means that it will ultimately help us to create a great product and to get rid of redundant projects at the same time. 

I will not reveal much detail yet, but I can already say that the current version looks great and works really well, even if it's still only a development prototype. ONO is being developed for internal use only at the moment, first information for the public will become available in mid 2016.

Update (2015)

In March 2015 we officially announced ONO as a project on our website joopita.com, although there will not be a release date in the near future. With the growing success of our current projects and platforms we'll need new and improved project management tools, which means that we will put some more effort in ONO software as it is also a replacement for our previous Joopita IBS platform. 

Update (2016)

All support for CorneliOS as a standalone software platform will end on December 31, 2016. Both the CorneliOS CMS and the Jamplifier CMS have been replaced by the CIOS Web Suite, which is now part of ONO. The CorneliOS DBMS is now part of the ONO Administration tools. As of November 2016, the latest ONO Alpha version is now running on all of our servers.


Even if ONO is considered to be an OLEFA successor, it will not be fully compatible with the classic OLEFA now distributed by EducDesign. A few people asked us if it would be possible to create a replacement for OLEFA, so I would like to be very clear about this. 

If you want to move away from OLEFA, then please consider oli.lu (it features both school website and library management for free). Migration to ONO or oli.lu will require some effort, and we will not develop any migration tools nor will it be possible to simply copy an entire site onto ONO (and the software won't become available anytime soon anyway). 

The reason for this is quite simple, there are not enough OLEFA users (I mean power users who use it at least weekly) to justify the effort. ONO will also be targeted at the international market and it will not only be focused on education, this is why compatibility with the classic OLEFA is not very important to us.