OLEFA is a software project I started back in 2000. I was running several websites and needed a tool to manage them, furthermore I was looking for some wiki software and other interactive tools. Commercial Content Management Systems were too expensive and there was no Open Source CMS that could do what I was looking for back then, so I decided to start my own CMS project. OLEFA was first distributed by a company called Ka communications. 

I was working as a teacher back then and I planned to create a new website for our school, so I added wiki and web based library management features to the concept. An OLEFA version optimized for education was launched in mid 2001, the www.roeserschool.lu school website was the first educational website in Luxembourg to offer wikis and collaborative tools that were really working, and we also had the first web based library management system in a school. 

In 2002 I co-founded the Educdesign company with Pino Fiermonte and Frank Trierweiler. OLEFA was then distributed by EducDesign under a verbal license agreement (the copyrights have never been transferred to EducDesign in fact). It was rapidly adopted by many schools in Luxembourg, and the software suite was growing as I added more modules such as the Webbook (online books), the Storyboard (online comics) and Tiparlo (online language editor, inspired by the TEO software) for example. 

In 2005 I created OLEFAdesk, a WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointer) based WebOS that was purely based on HTML (which means that it did NOT require JavaScript, unlike the newer AJAX based web OSes like CorneliOS) for example. 

In 2006 I designed the first JAVA applets to the system, for example the OLEFA Sound Recorder (speech can recorded directly via the website) and the OLEFA Painter (paint images directly on the website), followed by the AFELO image processing client in mid 2006. AFELO is a platform independent (Windows, MacOSX, Linux) Open Source program that can be used to organize, resize and edit images on your computer and to upload them directly to a website (built-in FTP client). 

I quit my job at EducDesign in 2008 as I wanted to base my future work on modern software designs and agile development techniques, and I also wanted to relaunch my recording studio and music projects. 

Please note that I'm no longer actively involved in the development of the OLEFA version distributed by EducDesign and that I'm not responsible for any developments since mid 2008. I still own the copyrights but that's all, OLEFA is just another piece of IP to me now ;) 

Some people contacted me and asked if I could create an Open Source alternative to OLEFA. You should check out the ONO project project by Joopita Reseach a.s.b.l if you're looking for something like that, or check out morzino.com / oli.lu if you're looking for solutions for education. You may also want to check out the OLEFA page on oli.lu (german language). 

Note: I'm no longer involved in the development of the OLEFA or AFELO software distributed by EducDesign since 2008, but this does not mean that the story ends here. OLEFA remains an ongoing project, even if it's no longer related to the version currently distributed by EducDesign.