Pagan Lorn

Pagan Lorn was a well-known gothic metal band in Luxembourg from 1994–1998. 

Pagan Lorn was founded in mid 1994. In 1995 Stephen Misquita and Jos F. Kirps joined the band as two members were replaced. Pagan Lorn was then Sascha Georges (vocals), Patrick Hurt (keyboards), Jos F. Kirps (guitars), Vladeta Maksimovic (bass), Stephen Misquita (drums) and Patrick Linnig (promotion). 

A first demo tape was recorded at the end of 1995. In 1996 Pagan Lorn recorded and released their first CD Black Wedding. A second CD entitled "Nihilennium" was recorded in 1997 and released in February 1998. In mid 1998 Steve Legil joined as the second guitarist. 

During the second half of 1998 Pagan Lorn began to split. Jos F. Kirps left in October, while Patrick Linnig and Vladeta Maksimovic quit somewhat later. Jos F. Kirps was replaced by Alain Gonniva, while Vladeta Maksimovic rejoined Pagan Lorn in early 1999. In September 1999 Patrick Hurt left, and in January 2000 the band broke up.