Stag Wards

Stag Wards is a Star Wars 3D animation Fan Movie I created about 15 years ago. It's length is about 20 minutes and it's now possible to watch it on www.stagwards.com. 

The Story

It is a period of civil war. Little Red Ridinghood is on her way to her sick grandma to bring her a big pie. Little does she know that the evil Adolf (who is a dedicated pie-fan) plans to steal her gift and use it to rule the galaxy. Will she be able to break through the enemy lines or will she suffocate in her own intestines during a slaughterous massacre...? 

The Characters

The 3D figures were all designed especially for the STAG WARDS movie. A lot of popular characters will help Little Red Ridinghood to get back the pie that was stolen by Darth Vador and his evil master Lord Adolf Hitler. You'll see Superman, Batman and Robin, Indiana Jones, Conan the Barbarian, Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield. 

Stag Wards and OLEFAbots

I reused the Stag Wards characters a few years ago when I created the OLEFAbots as part of the OLEFA software. OLEFAbots are website characters (avatars) that can be created and changed by OLEFA users.