Music, Movies & Art


I wanted to make music since I was in elementary school, and I was quite lucky to play in a band that was quite influential and popular at least here in Luxembourg. I was even more lucky to have been able to work as graphics designer for the countries largest recording studio, which helped me a lot to learn about music production and related technologies and processes. 

Pagan Lorn

I played guitar for Pagan Lorn from 1994 till 1998. I also wrote or co-wrote a number of songs and we recorded a demo tape and two albums during that time. Today PL is considered to be one of the bands that allowed heavy music to become popular in Luxembourg, and we had quite some influence on the local music and art scene.

Recording Studio

I was running my own 24-track home recording studio from 1998 till 2002. I produced a few demos and one album during that time, but soon had to give up the project due to the growing success of the OLEFA CMS.

In 2008 and 2009 I started work on a completely new project studio, which first become operational in 2011/2012, although I didn't have time to work on any music projects then. In late 2015 I started recording the first Ghost Vortex album, and in 2016 work on The Bleeding Outlaw – Volume I officially began.

The new studio is not just some home recording studio – it features a professionally designed symmetrical control room with high end Quested 212 monitors, a 32 channel controller with motorized faders as well as some cool outboard gear and a bunch of great instruments.

The Bleeding Outlaw

Okay, it's official: I'm working on a new music project, the first new full length album since Pagan Lorn's Nihilennium. The project is called The Bleeding Outlaw and there's no release date yet, although I hope that the recording can be finished in 2016.


Jamplifier is our new music platform, which shall help artists and musicians to make better music and to become successful on their own. It features a bunch of cool tools for artists, as well as a lot of useful information, including the e-book How To Become A Rockstar In The 21st Century.

Movies & Video

As a teenager I wrote several movie scripts, and I also planned to co-produce a horror movie with two friends of mine. Unfortunately we never got very far with that project. 

In 1998-2000 I worked on a 3D animated movie called Stag Wards. I was able to finish the entire 3D rendering and the editing, but never managed to finalise the soundtrack so that the entire project has never officially been completed. 

I have several ideas for possible projects, but I just ain't got the time to work on this. I may however do some music related videos in the near future, which will then be directly related to either the Jamplifier platform or the Bleeding Outlaw project. 


I was lucky to have been able to work on some books while working for Linster Studios in the late 1990s. In 2016 I released The Jamplifier's Manual – How To Become A Rockstar In The 21st Century, which is my first real book. I currently have ideas for a few further books that may become available within the next few years, or maybe decades. We'll see.