Learning & Education

This is about my new Education Manifest as of 2010, which replaces the Manifest from 2000 which led to the development of OLEFA. The new Manifest 2010 will be the visionary basis for our new Morzino Education Platform. 

The Manifest 2010

I removed this here, as all information on this subject will now become available on www.morzino.com. There's also a dedicated version for the education market in Luxembourg which can be found on www.oli.lu. Morzino/OLI and all related stuff will become (and partly is already) available as Free Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) so that it can freely be used by anyone. 

The Manifest 2000

This is the manifest I originally published in 2000. It lead to the development of the OLEFA software and thus greatly influenced the way school websites and classroom computers are used in schools in Luxembourg today. 

Currently more than 30% of all elementary schools in Luxembourg are using technology based on the work I did in 2010, affecting more than 10.000 students and over 100 school libraries in our local area. 

So here's the original manifest (abbreviated): 

  1. Use the computer as a real tool in your classroom 
  2. Use the school website as a work and publishing platform 
  3. All students and all teachers should be able to participate and contribute 
  4. Support team and group work via internet and share your data 
  5. Build and expand knowledge using Wikis 
  6. Act & react, use your school website as a collaboration and communication platform 
  7. Security and SSO - each teacher and each student has his/her own password 
  8. Prevent data loss by offering automated backup mechanisms 
  9. Offer a web based school library as a centre of knowledge 
  10. Use modern infrastructures to reduce your administration time and costs