Science & Philosophy

I have been interested in quantum physics, astrophysics and cosmology since I was a child. I have been deeply impressed by the works of Richard Feynman (QED – Quantum ElectroDynamics), Albert Einstein (Relativity) and Werner Heisenberg (Uncertainty Principle), but also by the works of Murray Gell-Mann and others.

I have also been developing some arguments and theories related to physics and philosophy since the 1990s, but never found the time to publish much of this work. Some of those ideas had been published in MENSA Luxembourg's Phenomensal journal in the 2000s. 

Further interests include systems theory and Nick Bolstrom's simulation argument for example.

Personally I think that while computer technology may be very useful in general (and it also allows intelligent and educated people to achieve a lot more in life), in the end tech devices will also render stupid people even more stupid and exercise a lot of control on humanity. I have been propagating the use of technology for all of my life, but at the same time I consider technology to be highly dangerous for the entire human race. I also believe that the singularity (the birth of A.I.) will be the end of the human race as we know it.

Unsolved mysteries got my attention since I was a child. Today it's mostly quantum gravity, the simulation argument and the Fermi paradox that keep making me mad. I think that reality is more or less an illusion, and that we either make it all up (think of a collective dream of something like that) or that we're living inside of some simulation (our physical universe is some sort of an algorithm based machine anyway).

My favourity philosopher has been Karl Raimund Popper by the way.

I also tried to solve the Zodiak cipher using software for example, and I hope I will find the time to continue reading James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake one day.