ONO (still to come) – joopita.com/​pro/​

  • A successor to the OLEFA platform – partly operational and in productive use already, but not officially released yet.

The Bleeding Outlaw (2019 / work in progress) – bleedingoutlaw.com

  • My personal music project, launched in 2019.

Jamplifier (2019) – jamplifier.com

Remarkable Relations between Particle Masses (2019-2020) – [ read more ]

  • My first work in Quantum Physics, fitting fermion masses into a Sudoku-like table using extended Koide formulae.

Ghost Vortex – Black Strawberry Limes (2016-2020) – ghostvortex.com

  • The first album recorded at my project studio.

Morzino (2011-today) – morzino.com / oli.lu

  • An e-learning platform that was first released in Luxembourg in 2011 as Oli.lu, featuring...
    • Configurable e-learning web apps and games
    • Free images
    • Virtual classrooms (text, media, assignment and learning plan management tools)
    • Library Management
    • Website Management (CMS)
  • Oli.education.lu (2016-today) – A custom version of the platform run by the CGIE / Ministry Of Education, Luxembourg, serving 50,000+ students and teachers.

Joopita Research a.s.b.l (2010-today) – joopita.com

Failed attempt at cracking the Zodiac 340 cipher (2008)

  • Maybe my biggest mistake ever. Not only could I have cracked it (if I had only taken one more right decision), but I also drew the wrong conclusions out of this experiment after I failed. At least, some of my work has been referenced in other peoples' works... [ some more details ]

Smithsonian Institute reuses one of my articles (2008) – smithsonianchips.si.edu/​synertek/​synertek.htm

  • The Smithsonian Institute reused my article on the MOS Technology 6502 on their website. 

Galaxiki (2007-today) – galaxiki.org

  • A user-editable, wiki-based online galaxy for independent authors of science fiction that won a number of awards, mostly in the United States. It was "project of the week" in Linux Journal, it was one of the SeoMoz Web 2.0 Award winners, and it was "website of the day" on Yahoo, About.com, and PocketLint for example.

OLEFA (2000-2008) – joopita.com/​legacy/​olefa/​

  • A website and server management software that became Luxembourg's leading educational platform of the 2000s.
    • CMS (Content Management System)
    • User and group management
    • DBMS (Database Management System) and library management
    • Fileserver management
    • Productivity suite (Wiki, Webbook, Storyboard, ...)
  • OLEFA is still being distributed nowadays (as of 2019) and it's still powering a number of websites in Luxembourg, but I'm no longer involved in the project although I'm still the copyright holder of the original release and of the logo design.

Stag Wards (1999) – www.stagwards.com

  • 3D animated Star Wars fan movie (writer, producer, director, designer, editor).
  • Never completed (no audio), but the video itself can be viewed for free on the project's website.

MENSA Luxembourg (1998-2012) – www.mensa.luwww.mensa.org

  • Founding member of Luxembourg's national MENSA group (1998)
  • Vice-president and member of the board (1998-2002)
  • Publisher of the national monthly journal (1998-2002)
  • Webmaster (1998-2012 – mensa.lu was one of the first websites running OLEFA by the way)

Pagan Lorn (lead guitar player, 1994-1998) – www.paganlorn.com

  • An avant-garde metal band from Luxembourg, which helped to spark the underground music scene in our country in the mid-1990s and which released two albums:
    • Black Wedding (1996)
    • Nihilennium (1998)

Note that this list does not feature all of the projects I have been involved in, only major projects are included here.

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About me

A 46-year-old teacher, software developer, and musician from Luxembourg, Europe.

Favorite music

Countless artists, from Chuck Berry over Black Sabbath to Radiohead. No favorite genre, although I usually prefer alternative and underground stuff, from weird indie music to heavy metal. Restarted collecting vinyl records a few years ago.

Favorite movies

Too many to name them all – from Citizen Kane over The Godfather, Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey to Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski. Fan of cult and underground movies, from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari over Jörg Buttgereit to Tommy Wiseau's The Room.

Favorite books

The Open Society and Its Enemies (Karl Popper), Finnegans Wake (James Joyce), The Limits To Growth (Meadows, Meadows, Randers, Behrens), various books on systems theory, and some other stuff.

Favorite series

Monty Python's Flying Circus (plus the movies of course), Married With Children (that's one great childhood memory), Breaking Bad, and Game Of Thrones of course.


Highly influenced by Karl Popper when I was a teenager, and so I'm not supporting one specific political party. In favor of a cooperative and collaborative Europe and of open borders, but highly suspicious of the lobby-driven monster the European Union has become. I can't support politicians who don't respect the youth, society, and the planet.


Influenced by Karl Popper, Immanuel Kant, and more recently by Nick Bostrom. Thinking about the meaning of life quite often.


Highly interested in science, quantum mechanics, and relativity. Skeptical when it comes to superstring theory, not too optimistic that we'll ever be able to crack quantum gravity. Big fan of Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Werner Heisenberg, Murray Gell-Mann. The Earth is not flat. 


Not religious, but no longer sure if there is no creator – if we're simulated, then maybe there is.

I'm supporting…