ONO (still to come) – joopita.com/pro/

  • Successor to the OLEFA platform – partly operational and in productive use already, but not officially released yet.

The Bleeding Outlaw (still to come) – bleedingoutlaw.com

  • An upcoming art project.

Jamplifier (still to come) – jamplifier.com

  • An online platform for musicians.

Ghost Vortex / Black Strawberry Limes (still to come)

Morzino (2011-today) – morzino.com / oli.lu

  • E-learning platform that was first released in Luxembourg in 2011 as Oli.lu, featuring...
    • Configurable e-learning web apps and games
    • Free images
    • Virtual classrooms (text, media, assignment and learning plan management tools)
    • Library Management
    • Website Management (CMS)
  • Oli.education.lu (2016-today) – A custom version of the platform run by the CGIE / Ministry Of Education, Luxembourg, serving 50,000 students and teachers.

Galaxiki (2007-today) – galaxiki.org

  • A user editable, wiki based online galaxiki that won a number of awards.

OLEFA (2000-2008) – joopita.com/legacy/olefa/

  • A website and server management software that became Luxembourg's leading educational platform in the 2000s.
    • CMS (Content Management System)
    • User and group management
    • DBMS (Database Management System) and library management
    • Fileserver
    • Productivity suite (Wiki, Webbook, Storyboard, ...)

Stag Wards (1999) – www.stagwards.com

  • 3D animated Star Wars fan movie

Pagan Lorn (1994-1998) – www.paganlorn.com

  • An avantgarde metal band from Luxembourg, which released two records:
    • Black Wedding (1996)
    • Nihilennium (1998)
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